Chinese Summer Fellow Program

This program is a Summer research fellowship targeted at MA students, PhD students, and early career scholars qualified in literary Chinese. However, all individuals qualified in literary Chinese (文言文) are highly encouraged to apply.

Applications are now closed

There are around 30 calligraphic scrolls, including Tang Liu Ru She Se Tao Hua Zhou (唐六如设色桃花轴) by Tang Yin (唐寅, 1470-1524), Qi Li Tan Feng Guang Tu (七里滩风光图) by Chang Dai-Chien or Zhang Daqian (张大千, 1899-1983), Fu Gui Man Tang (富贵满堂) by Ji Kang (季康) , and Fang Zhao Danian Shanshui Tu (仿赵大年山水图) by Lan Ying (蓝瑛).

This fellowship program is recommended for any student interested in reading and studying Chinese calligraphy, or interested in engaging with our extensive archive of Chinese language materials available in our library. We have been generously supported by Ms. Hongjie Ping, a PhD student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi who developed our understanding of this collection. Her support has been invaluable.

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Some of these materials are originals, some are duplicates or replicas. They were generously donated by the National Palace Museum to our founder, Mrs. Billie Trimble Chandler, and are now part of the permanent collection of the Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures & Educational Center.

This institution continues to follow COVID-19 Protection Protocols, please inform us of any special considerations you may have.

Applicants should contact Ms. Erica Andelson,, with a brief description of your goals and your interest in the Chinese language. Send an official or unofficial transcript attached to the email, and download, sign, and attach the waiver of liability form linked here below to the email.
General Liability Release

As part of your work and research here, you will be asked to curate and prepare a small exhibit on China, using these and additional materials as is appropriate. During the work day, the resources of the museum will be available to you, and you will have access to computers and internet to conduct your work. All printers and labeling equipment needed to assist in labeling the exhibits will be available to you.

Previous Fellows

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Xueyue Liu
MA, University of Colorado, Boulder