Want to make a permanent impression on the Museum?

We have an opportunity with Brick & Tiles Engraving, to both help our Museum and provide a unique chance to your very own brick in our front entranceway.  They are 4-inch by 8-inch bricks, that will spend their lifespan at the front of our Rock Garden, and upcoming Zen Garden.

Each can hold 3 lines of text, with 20 characters per line.

The brick that you order can be dedicated to any purpose you’d like: in honor of someone who has served and/or passed away, in memoriam of someone, an “I love you” statement for anniversaries, a happy birthday, or dedicating it to your business. Whatever your heart desires!

Over the coming months, we will be fundraising to both make up the opportunities lost due to the pandemic, and to bring in new equipment for the safety of our guests and staff.

More info can be found at;


To place an order, you can either use the form below, or email us at info@texasasianculturesmuseum.org

Brick Order Form