Leaving a Legacy

The Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures is an international institution. With the support of our donors and trustees, we have built an institution central to Texas that has maintained US-Asia connections, provided exhibits, and helped educate children from many walks of life from home school groups to major public schools.

This institution was founded as the legacy of Billie Trimble Chandler, who provided the donations and funding for its original foundations. This was continued by many others, such as Senator Gene Seaman, who as Texas legislator insured that this museum was recognized as a Texas State Museum. Our work as a museum was further expanded by the generous donation in memory of one of our earliest trustees, James M. Goldston, which established the Goldston Room. The Goldston Room has now become the museum’s largest and most important wing. This room has housed a variety of exhibits and events, ranging from exhibits of Chinese artwork from the Qing Dynasty to exhibits showcasing the last Dynasty of Korea under a loan from the Korean Culture Learning Center from Houston, Texas. This room serves its primary purpose as the Hakata Hall, the main stage of our core collection.

You too can continue your legacy at this museum and ensure the success of our mission through a few simple options.

Will or Living Trust

Through a will or living trust, you can ensure that this institution is remembered as a part of your legacy, and give a percentage of the estate to this Museum. When discussing the planning of your estate, you can include the museum to support its mission.

Also, it is possible to name this institution as a contingent beneficiary, in the case that you may have other donations or inheritances chosen for other institutions or members of your family. As a contingent beneficiary, if it was not possible to pass on a portion of the estate to one of the major beneficiaries, the Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures could receive that portion of the estate.

Qualified Retirement Accounts

With most retirement accounts such as IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, beneficiaries can be added by the brokerage or provider, and institutions can be named as a beneficiary for the future.

Life Insurance

With a life insurance policy, institutions can easily be named as additional beneficiaries. The museum can be included as a beneficiary. This might be particularly important to consider if one’s originally chosen beneficiaries and family are well established and one is interested in using accumulated funds to support the museum’s efforts. Additionally, one could choose to only allocate a portion of the life insurance funds to the museum.

Other Accounts

With many bank accounts and other brokerage accounts, a beneficiary can be added easily to pass on a legacy at both bank branches and brokerage offices.