South Texas Japanese Culture Forum


The Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures welcomes your submissions and attendance at the first annual South Texas Japanese Culture Forum. The committee welcomes your submissions of kirie art, kamishibai, and scholarly work.


-Kirie Art

Koi Fish
Ms. Kaylee Gail Flanary, Texas A&M University

Kamishibai is a Japanese art form that consists of sets of illustrated panels used to tell a story.

『3人の友人のさいしょのパレード』“Three Friends First Parade” by Ms. Camila Bustamante, Texas A&M University

『これはなに』“What’s this?” by Ms. Katsumi Spangler and Mr. Peter Poe, University of North Texas

『小さな影』“The Small Shadow” by Ms. Sofia Dominguez, University of North Texas

『雨が青い』“The Rain is Blue” by Ms. Isabella Tan, University of North Texas

-Scholarly Presentations
『ゴーストがないマシーン』“The Machine Without a Ghost” by Professor Elizabeth Rodwell, University of Houston

Kirie Example          Kamishibai Examples (with frame and without frame)

 Px Butterfly Inspired KirieFile:Kamishibai BDBR.jpg

share alike                                 share alike                                            Courtesy Maki Museum of History and Folklore

All selected speakers will present at this event and their submissions will be published in the Proceedings of the South Texas Japanese Culture Forum, which will be enjoyed by readers in Japan and around the world. We welcome members of the public to attend and view the conference presentations. Refreshments and food will be provided for all presenters.

We welcome submissions from Japanese learners of all ages and all regions of the world, from elementary school and junior high school to MA and Doctoral level. We also welcome heritage learners and native speakers of Japanese. Presenters may submit in only one category. Kamishibai presenters may submit as a group if the kamishibai is a group project, but participants may not submit in other categories as an individual if presenting in a group. Presenters may present kamishibai with or without a frame.

Those who are native speakers of Japanese or who have extensive experience speaking and using Japanese may give presentations in the Heritage category.

Health protocol will be given before the event.

Please send all submissions as a file upload of your draft text or art work using the Submission Form, and for kamishibai or scholarly work with a video link of yourself giving your presentation.

Due Date: February 20


Date: March 13, Sunday, 2022

Main Hall, Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures


Dr. Naoko Ozaki, Chair
-Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication, Rice University
Dr. Yuki Waugh
-Department of International Studies, Texas A&M University
Dir. Richard Hafemeister
-Director of Operations, Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures

After careful review by the committee, the top participants will be selected for special recognition as the best art pieces and presentations of the year. The committee members will recuse themselves from judging submissions from their own school, education center, or university.

Final selection of all submissions will be made by museum staff.

The museum and the committee would like to thank our supporters, without their support this event would not be possible.
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